1. Pearl Jam

  2. Eddie Vedder

  3. Dear Tumblr, 

    Take a minute out of your day and relax with this. 


  4. Hope everyone out there is having a good day.

  5. What’s that? New Found Glory is coming out with a new album in October? Oh thank you.


  6. Stop waiting for people. People are unreliable. Just fucking do something important and shut up.


  7. Butts.

  8. This is more like it.

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  9. This is another example of the entitled victims that we as a human race have allowed ourselves to become. None of that was said. “Where do you get your confidence?” is a simple question with an answer. Adding all of that meaning behind the question is your own insecurity. 

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  10. A little NSFW but the detail here is amazing.